A breakthrough in water purification technology

We test beyond industry standards. For total consistency.

Why this matters...

Traditional purifiers fail over time...

Reverse Osmosis water purifiers start well, but fade fast in pollutant removal.

Many homes and facilities are unaware of this unpredictable drop in quality over time.

Novus' water shows no drop in quality

Novus' MVCD™ purification technology removes all pollutant with no drop over time.

The MVCD™ system is different with no consumable parts, the water is always pollutant free.

Novus vs Traditional Technology

Novus MVCD™ Reverse Osmosis Countertop Filters Fridge Filter Pitcher Filters
Contaminants Removed
Micro Plastics *
Fluoride *
Hormone Disruptors
Chlorine *
Bacteria *
Arsenic *
Infinity Chemicals *
Heavy Metals * * *
Nuclear Waste
Consistent Purity
No Replacement Filters
Improves Tap Water Taste
Remineralises Water
Low Water Wastage
White glove installation service

Raising the standard for water safety

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