Our 'Why' In Numbers:

Our Journey:


In 2018 we designed the drawings for a high speed low energy distillation system. We didn't know if it would work, but by working with Edinburgh Universities Engineering Department, we proved the thermodynamic calculations and took one step towards proof of concept.

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Proof Of Concept

Through extensive prototyping and hundreds of iterations, we produced the worlds first miniaturised vapour compression distiller. A working prototype which proved that we could produce distilled water quicker and more energy efficiently than before making distilled water a usable product once again. Working with a low carbon accelerator, we started testing markets for our technology.

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Test. Test. Test!

The proof of concept gave us confidence to build a product from the technology. This was not easy as producing a new form of water purifier that we intended to change the world is not done over night. From intense manufacturing with world leading experts and in depth Human Centred Design with end users, we started to build a product that could tested in peoples homes, medical facilities and all around the world.

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We needed independent validation from a national water supplier that we were doing something important. We tested our water against some of the worst off grid river water available and found that our MVCD™ technology removed more in one process than traditional market leading purifiers, and did it consistently. This was the proof we needed to go to the next level.

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The Future

Our goal is to enable a future of abundant sustainable fresh water, and reduce the reliance on plastic bottles. Today, Novus is building water purification technology that will be infinitely scalable to people all around the world. 

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