July 26, 2022 1 min read

Who's thirsty?

We are just on our way back from a long days adventure on the Isle of Coll in the Scottish Hebrides, where we were thoroughly looked after with coffee and beautiful views, to collect water samples to take back to Edinburgh that night.

If you are new to this story, please our study into the need for high quality reliable water in rural Scottish islands without access to mains water. In it, participants were overwhelmingly concerned about their water quality.

Later in the year we will be pre trialing our purification technology on Coll, launching in early 2023, where it will be thoroughly put to the test. In this visit, we collected 100L of water from a private water supply, for further testing in our Edinburgh Lab alongside Scottish Water.

The red colouring is caused by Iron and Manganese which can be notoriously difficult to remove. The data we get here will move us to extended drinking water trials and a product for market for the 21,584 properties in Scotland (approximately 3% of the Scottish population) reliant on private water.  

And what’s exciting is, if we can purify Scottish water (notoriously difficult to clean) we'll be able to purify the vast majority of piped water around the world. All sustainably and without consumable parts!

Thanks for reading, stay tuned.



Duncan Peters
Duncan Peters

Chief Purifier - Duncan has been on a journey to improve water purification for over 5 years. When he's not working on water purifiers at Novus, he's writing articles about water, is out exploring nature, or can be found mountain biking in Scotland.

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