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The MVCD™ System

April 20, 2021 2 min read

The MVCD™ (Miniaturised Vapour Compression Distillation) system is a high quality water purification system. It is small scale and fits under the household sink. The system is easy to use and produces high quality drinking water with no added chemicals. Traditional purification systems rely on disposable filters and reverse osmosis membranes. These systems are limited in their efficacy because of deterioration over time and maintenance requirements.

As soon as a filter is used once, it begins to lose its effectiveness. The particles and contaminants they are filtering out get stuck in the pores which then become less effective. This happens from the very first use. Thus there is an internal limitation to the success of traditional and commonplace filtration systems.

Regular maintenance is also a limitation in traditional purification systems; if it is forgotten or performed at the wrong time, impure and potentially dangerous water can get through to the consumer.  

The MVCD™ system aims to disrupt the way clean water is delivered to market and to customers. The process begins by evaporating water vapour from source water and then compresses the evaporated steam. This process eliminates all contaminants and removes the need for chemical additives.

Traditional purification methods often involve many stages that occur across long distances that water travels from source to faucet. The MVCD™ system allows water to be purified on site, thus reducing the energy requirements for transport and decontamination.

The system is very low maintenance; it contains no removable parts or filters that can be clogged or require cleaning. As a result, there is always a completely consistent level of pure water produced, with no drop in quality over time.

Novus is on a mission to create a future of abundant drinking water, by providing mineral water on tap. Our technology has a low environmental impact and will disrupt the current reliance on imperfect and cumbersome purification methods.

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